German customs to auction illegal bitcoin mining computers in Kamen

German customs to auction illegal bitcoin mining computers in Kamen

The small town of Kamen in North Rhine-Westphalia is auctioning off seven seized mining computers via the customs auction site.

Near Dortmund, the town of Kamen is auctioning off seven mining computers via the customs auction site. The devices had previously been Bitcoin Profit confiscated in the course of an electricity theft offence and stored in the police evidence room for two years. More precisely, the computers are „Antminer S9“ models, which were among the most efficient devices worldwide in 2018. The highest bid currently stands at 2,050 euros. The auction will run until Monday, 15 March, at 10:00 am.

The background to the auction was a criminal case from 2019 that had occurred in Kamen. In a crawl space, officers found the mining computers that were blithely mining away. These had previously been fed into the city’s power grid by criminals in a property owned by the city in order to tap electricity from the network of the Kamen-Bönen-Bergkamen (GSW) community public utility company. The criminal miners apparently wanted to reduce their costs to a minimum. After electricians from the public utility company noticed changes in the network, the police were alerted and criminal charges were filed. The authorities confiscated the devices and declared the case „closed“ in mid-2020.

After no perpetrators could be identified, the mining computers were awarded to the city of Kamen. The municipality now wants to use the auction to settle part of the electricity costs that GSW had charged the city in the course of the electricity theft. It is not known exactly how high the claims are.

Mining is hardly worthwhile in Germany

In principle, mining is hardly worthwhile in Germany because of the high electricity prices. In 2020, Germany was the country with the highest electricity costs in the world. We paid 0.39 US dollars per kilowatt hour. So it is hardly surprising that the largest Bitcoin mining pools come from regions where electricity prices are particularly low. The undisputed top dog here is China. The Middle Kingdom produces around 65 percent of all Bitcoin.

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